Enjoy 2020 with Connect International

Connect International organises various events and activities every month to give international residents a sense of community, to help them better understand the Dutch culture, to find their way in their daily lives in the northern Netherlands and simply to have fun. So come and try out some of the Connect International clubs and events.

Get Fit

Ashatanga Yoga club is exclusive for Connect International members. Work on building core strength and toning the body.

Connect Running Club meets in Groningen Noorderplantsoen Park to jog and run together. It is for all the running/jogging enthusiasts, regardless of their level in running.

New for 2020 is Connect Meditation morning. It’s a moment for stopping, breathing, calming, observing, feeling, having an awareness of the here and now.

Meet New People

Living in a new place can make it difficult to meet new people. That is why Connect International organise Coffee Mornings in both Groningen and Leeuwarden.

If you are a parent there is also the parent coffee morning in Leeuwarden, the international mothers in Friesland club or the Kids Arts & Crafts morning in Groningen.

If you enjoy reading, then joining the Connect Book Club may also be fun for you: enjoy a good book and make friends at the same time.

In addition, check the Connect Weekly Tips for extra events and day trips.

Improve your English and / or Dutch

Connect organise several languages groups for improving both your English and / or Dutch.

If you are looking to improve your English then you can come to the English Conversation Fun meetings (also the Coffee Mornings are good practise too!).

If you are looking to work on your Dutch skills, you can come to the Let’s Talk Dutch group in Leeuwarden, or in Groningen, we organise Dutch Conversation Fun at two levels, A1/A2 and A2/B1-B2.

Connect International is always looking at what other events and activities we can organise for our members. Do you have an idea for an event or do you have a hobby you would like to share with others? Let us know via events@connect-int.org

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