Insurances in the Netherlands

Except for health insurance, which is mandatory for people living or working in the Netherlands, the type and the amount of insurance you want to purchase is mostly a personal decision. These following list of insurances are the typical types of insurances that many people carry in the Netherlands, including vehicle, personal liability, home-owners, house contents (personal possessions in the accommodation), legal and travel.

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Starting a business and obtaining a residence permit via the Start-up Permit

Could you make it in the Netherlands as an entrepreneur? In 2015 the Dutch government brought in new regulations to help ambitious businesspeople from non-EU countries. A one-year ‘start-up’ residency permit has been specially designed to help people like you in the Netherlands. As part of the scheme, all entrepreneurs are required to have a mentor, or ‘facilitator’ on-board and for their start-up to offer something innovative in the Dutch market.

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Mortgages and buying a home in the Netherlands

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If you are planning to be in the country for some time, you may wish to buy a house in the Netherlands, as it can work out more beneficially financially than renting long-term. However, it is a good idea to make sure you are aware of all the pitfalls too before investing in a foreign country. FVB de Boer has written a 10-point guide to make sure that you have thought of everything before taking the plunge.

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Warning: Phone Scam

International employees at the University of Groningen have been targeted by phone scammers.

This has been an ongoing issue, and was highlighted earlier this month in an article by Traci White on The Northern Times.

It is scary to be threatened with arrest and deportation, but remember, NO official Dutch government body will demand payment direct over the phone. If you receive such contact, do not pay any deposit or fine. You can seek further information and advise via the Connect, IWCN or via the University of Groningen

Please be vigilant!