National Bee Count 13 – 14 April

There are almost 360 species of wild bees in the Netherlands, with half of all bee species being listed as endangered. ‘Nederland Zoemt Bijentelling’ is a national action to count the number of bees on the weekend 13 – 14 April 2019.

Why count bees?

80% of edible crops depend on pollination and bees are a huge part of that process. By counting and reporting bee numbers we can learn more about bees, where they live and thrive and where populations may be struggling. The more we know about bees the better we can help them.

Not just bees

The count is not just for bees, but also bumblebees and hoverflies. They also want to track the number of wasps, so they can see if this has an impact of bees.

Count with us!

You can visit the official site at The website is however all in Dutch, so we have translated some of the material into English to make it easier to join in.

Step 1

On either Saturday 13 April, or Sunday 14 April, look for a moment when it is dry and ideally sunny to spend 30 minutes outside in your garden, park, or other green spaces.

Step 2

Walk around looking for bees and note down how many of each species you see. Not sure which species it is? Then count it under ‘unknown’. You can download our translated bee counting sheet here.

Step 3

Submit your results online via (submission form available after April 13)

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Nederlandszoemt Flyer English by Nederlandszoemt, translated to English by Stephanie Fermor BY-SA 4.0