Get out and explore the North!

With the summer holidays fast approaching, why not get out into the most beautiful region in the Netherlands (we think!) and check out some of the wonderful places for day trips in the North?

Luckily, inspiration for days out is close-by, with Groninger writer Rachel Heller’s blog ‘Rachel’s Ruminations’ an incredible resource for scoping out the beautiful, interesting, and completely diverting places in Gronignen, Friesland, and Drenthe.

We’ve chosen three suggestions for your next day trip- so get out and explore the North!

Please note that due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, you must book before going to a museum, gallery, or tour!


Aside from being one of the most northerly points in the Netherlands, Noordpolderzijl also has the smallest (and possibly cutest) sea port in the country. The view from atop the sea dyke is glorious, and if you really want to get to know the Wadden sea why not wander down the coast to Pieterburen and go ‘Wadlopen’ across the mud flats? Just remember to take a guide!


Beelden in Gees
The pretty village of Gees, near Coevorden, is home to a seven hectare sculpture garden: Beelden in Gees. The park has art strewn across a breathtaking landscape. The park gets new sculptures each year, and just down the road is one of Drenthe’s famous protected nature reserves: the Boswachterij Gees.


A Guide to Leeuwarden
Not only is Leeuwarden the capital city of Friesland, it’s also a cultural powerhouse and has an exceptionally cute city centre criss-crossed with canals. The experts from A Guide to Leeuwarden know every one of the city’s streets, alleys, and squares and offer incredibly diverting free English-language tours. Remember to book first!

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