Updated Corona Regulations from 19 August 2020

The Dutch government has announced new, tighter measures to combat the increasingly quick spread of the Coronavirus in the Netherlands in recent weeks.

Research by the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) has shown that most transmissions are taking place at private gatherings: and so new rules limit meetings in private homes to six people – who should also maintain a 1.5-metre social distance from each other.

Any large parties or gatherings must now have allocated seats, and venues will have to collect contact information in case any attendee is found to have the Coronavirus.

The Dutch government has also re-iterated that people should work from home as much as possible, and avoid their workplace unless necessary.

The self-quarantine period has now been reduced to 10 days (from 14), although naturally anyone with symptoms should continue to quarantine and contact their local GGD and family doctor. Those returning from holidays in an ‘orange or red zone’ country must also self-quarantine for 10 days.

As the schools begin again, it is also important to note that any child that has Coronavirus symptoms must be kept home from school – and if anyone in a household tests positive, any children in the house must also self-quarantine.

Naturally, people in the Netherlands should also continue to wash their hands regularly, report any symptoms to their local GGD and doctor, and hold a 1.5-metre distance from people not in their household.

All Connect International events will now have a limit of 6 attendees, as a result of the new restrictions.

Thank-you to all members for helping us keep to the rules and stem the spread of the Coronavirus.

Stay safe everyone!

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