Making choices is often difficult

Making choices is often difficult. Especially when they are about important matters in life, such as health, education, career, legal and financial matters and basically everything that concerns the well-being of your family. Making good choices becomes even harder when you have to rely on third parties for quality advice and necessary services. And what if all those choices have to be made in a foreign country, when you do not speak the language (yet) and are already overwhelmed by moving, settling in and adjusting to a new culture?

To make some of the choices you face as an expat a little easier, International Welcome Center North has concluded agreements with various trusted service companies that provide personal assistance in a variety of areas, such as relocation, housing, home maintenance, health and child care, insurance, legal and financial advice, tax consultancy, payroll and HR, job and career support, education, travel and leisure. All of the partners of the IWCN offer services in English and have experience working with internationals

The list of the IWCN’s service partners is growing continuously! Since recently we’ve got quite a few new companies on board: the issues they offer support with range from learning Dutch to transferring funds between countries, from buying a car to finding a new job or a new home, from getting a mortgage or checking your rental agreement to tax help, and much more.

Take a moment to scroll through the list of the IWCN service partners and see if you would like to use their assistance at some point during your expat journey. Feel free to contact them directly or give us a call if you have any questions or remarks.

Good luck! 

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