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The Dutch speak, it is claimed, the best English in the world. Among the main reasons for such high degree of English speakers in the Netherlands are the country’s small size, dependency on international trade and the use of subtitles for foreign languages on TV rather than audio dubbing. Furthermore, English is (alongside Dutch, of course) an official language of the municipality of Amsterdam. 

The Dutch often prefer speaking English when foreigners try to practice their Dutch, and the higher education sector here is rapidly being anglicized, with more than half of all university courses now taught in English. Many international students choose the Netherlands, not just because it is cheaper, but because they deem the English to be ‘easier’. The Netherlands has become an English-speaking education destination, much like Singapore in Asia.

But what if you relocate to the Netherlands (or any other foreign country), but your English is not good enough to feel at ease? And what if you know that you are not staying here long enough to invest your time and money into learning the local language? In this scenario working on your English language skills might be the best idea! Are you (or someone you know) searching for an opportunity to improve your English? The Language Centre of the University of Groningen is offering a brand new course at the Pre-intermediate level starting 17 September! There are still some places left so take a look at this link for the details and for the sign-up button. Don’t forget to throughly read about the registration procedure, rate categories and cancellation procedure here.

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