April 2019 Important Dates & Holidays

  • 1st April – April Fool’s Day
  • 14th April – Palm Sunday
  • 18th April – Secretary Day (Secretaressedag )
  • 19th April – Good Friday
  • 19th April – Passover begins at sundown, lasts 8 days
  • 21st April – Easter Sunday (1e Paasdag)
  • 22nd April – Easter Monday (2e Paasdag)
  • 26th April – Arbor Day
  • 27th April – Kings Day (Koningsdag)
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Traditional Dutch clothing

You are most likely familiar with the iconic pointed curly hat, long dress and apron worn by the stereotypical Dutch girl. This particular image of traditional clothing is not the only one, there are in fact countless variations, with regions throughout the Netherlands having their own signature style. And while you may not see them in the big cities, there are many communities where traditional clothing is worn every day.

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Love is in the air!

Commercials and store windows all over the place push us to buy chocolates, flowers, teddy bears and all kinds of merchandise with hearts printed on it. But is this really the way to express true love? And is romantic love the only one that deserves to be celebrated? How about loving your family and friends? How about self-love? Here are some ideas that we believe say “I love you” louder than a million heart-shaped chocolates with a teddy bear inside.

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