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Information Services

All you need to know when moving to the Netherlands

Our Information Center is a database of the companies and organizations that you need to know about and the links to their websites in English (if possible). For even more online resources we recommend visiting the IWCN website.

International residents moving to the Netherlands have a great deal of organizing and planning ahead. To fill the gap in knowledge, we offer our members a Personal Advice Package: a two hours consult tailored to cover areas they would like assistance with. Learn more about this service here.

The Northern Netherlands actively embraces internalization which results in more and more companies hiring specialists from abroad or dealing with international clients on the regular basis. To help the Dutch businesses and their international staff better understand and empower each other, to avoid intercultural clashes and to adapt the best cross-cultural communication strategy, we are offering companies and organizations located in the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe the
Intercultural Training Package. Learn more about this service here.