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Walk and Talk Leeuwarden

Connect International Event

Date: Sunday 31 March 2019 at 11:00 hrs

Location: Park Vijversburg (2, Swarteweisein, 9255 JB Tietjerk)

Members Price: €2,50

Non-Members Price: €2,50


Spring is finally here! And with it the urge to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the first budding flowers, the sweet smell of blossoms, and great conversations with friends. 

For March’s Walk & Talk we will be visiting the nature and cultured park Vijversburg in Tietjerk, just out side of Leeuwarden (2, Swarteweisein, 9255 JB Tietjerk).

Nature and culture go together in Park Vijversburg. The historical part of the park was, for the most part, laid out in the 19th century. However, from the beginning of this century much has changed in the park and has been expanded considerably with new facilities added.  Various architects and artists have also played a major role in the expansion and remodeling process; thus creating a beautiful park with supra-regional style, in which culture, history, nature, and art are intertwined.


Park Vijversburg is a child friendly park with its own section dedicated to kids, so bring the whole family!


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