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Visit to Franeker

Connect International Event

Date: Saturday 19 October 2019 at 11:00 hrs

Location: Leeuwarden Train Station - Franeker

Members Price: Free!

Non-Members Price: Free!


Day Trip to Franeker

Friesland is a province rich in culture and history and we think it is worth exploring! On Saturday 19 of October we invite you to come with us to visit the historic city Franeker, one of the 11 historical cities of Friesland. 


Franeker was founded around 800 and is home to the Eise Eisinga Planetarium and the Museum Martena. Suspended from the ceiling of the living room of a beautiful canal house in Franeker, is the oldest, still working planetarium in the world. This accurately moving model of the solar system was built between 1774 and 1781 by the Frisian wool comber, Eise Eisinga. The Museum Martena, opened in 2006, is housed in a manor house built in 1498 and is devoted to the history of the city and the region.


Half Day Option:

11:00 Meet at Leeuwarden train station (look for the Connect International sign). Train leaves at 11:20 and arrives in Franeker at 11:35. From there it is about a 10 min. walk to the Planetarium.

11:50 Visit Eise Eisinga Planetarium

13:15 Lunch at a nice café

14:59 Train back to Leeuwarden (arrive in Leeuwarden at 15:15).

Full Day Option: or stay longer – for anyone who would like to find the Franeker fountain, part of the 11 city fountains, and visit the Museum Matena.

14:45 visit fountain and Museum Matena

16:24 Train back to Leeuwarden (arrive in Leeuwarden at 16:40).

Note: Registration is required and is open till 11:00, Thursday, 17 October. Please comment if you plan on a half day or full day trip with us! Or if you will be going by car and joining us at the Planetarium. 

Cost: This is a pay as you go event!

          Train tickets: €8 - €10 p.p. round trip 

           Planetarium: €5.50 or for a combo ticket that includes Museum Matena, €8.50 p.p  (The Museum             Card is not valid at the Eisinga Planetarium). 

            Lunch: whatever you wish to spend on consumption.



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