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Tips for Getting the Dutch Driving License

Connect International Virutal Event

Date: Wednesday 20 January 2021 at 17:30 hrs

Location: Online

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Am I allowed to drive in The Netherlands with the driving license from another country? That is the question that some new internationals in NL may have.  In this session we will explore if you maybe have to issue a new one and some options to move further.

Unfortunately, you are not always allowed to drive long-term with a driving license from another country. It depends from which country you have the license. For EU licenses, you can drive for up to 15 years on your EU license as long as it is valid. If it expires within that time, you need to exchange it for a Dutch one. However, if you have a non-EU driving license, you can only drive in the NL for 6 months with your current, valid license, but after that time, you need to have to have a Dutch license. Depending on whether you can exchange the license or have to take the practical and written tests, it is a process that may take time, effort and money.  This online session is for chatting about some tips that could guide you in this step.  (This is not meant to be an official report about it, it is a space for exploring options and learning from other internationals who have already gone through this process and want to share their experience).

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