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Running Club Friesland

Connect International Event in Friesland

Date: Sunday 25 September 2022 at 10:30 hrs

Location: Meeting point to be emailed

Members Price: Free!

Non-Members Price: €5,00

Event Registration closes at: 2022-09-25 08:00


Jogging or running is a popular form of physical fitness. It’s appealing because it doesn't cost a lot to take part and you can run at any time that suits you. Just a good pair of running shoes and appropriate clothing. No expensive gym membership. Fresh air. Nature. The list goes on.

Running is one of those things that you either love with a passion or hate with a passion. But it’s also funny how many people start by hating it and slowly but surely begin to love it once they start.

Health benefits of running and jogging

Regular running or jogging offers many health benefits. Running can:

So no more excuses! Connect International Friesland's running group will enable you to improve your fitness and self-confidence within a supportive environment. 

‘This is a beginner's club but runners of all levels welcome!’

We alternate the meeting point every week. You'll receive the information via e-mail or in the group app.



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