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Movie Night

Connect International Event in Groningen

Date: Friday 8 November 2019 at 16:15 hrs

Location: Pathe, Groningen (Gedempte Zuiderdiep 78, 9711 HL)

Members Price: €11,00

Non-Members Price: €11,00


Looking for a company to go to the cinema? Join us and watch the newest (or not that new, but favorite) films on the big screen together with Connect International!

On Friday, 8 November we are going to Pathe to watch the movie  'Last Christmas' and after that share impressions and feelings with each other in a nice cafe. 

Time of meeting: at 16:15 (in the main Hall on the 1st floor. Look for a person with Connect                                                              International Sign)

Time of the movie: 16:30    Time at the cafe: about 30 min

Note: Registration is required and open till 12:00, Friday, November 8. Only 9 spots are available.

Cost: Movie tickets: €11 p.p.

          Cafe: whatever you wish to spend on consumptions


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