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Global Food

Connect International Event in Groningen

Date: Wednesday 26 February 2020 at 11:30 hrs

Location: Helpman (the exact address will be announced after registration)

Members Price: Free!

Non-Members Price: Free!


In practically all countries, food is an element of cultural identity. Whether as part of a celebration, as a family activity, or just because, preparing and sharing a meal is a chance to experiment and to experience.

What is the cuisine in your country like? Is it spicy, sour, or sweet? Is sharing a meal a daily ritual or does it hold emotional value? Connect International invites you to a Global Food Club! You will have the opportunity to gather with our volunteer Shida Mojet and other food lovers, learn new recipes, share cultural values, and make new friends! This time we suggest to bring finger food from your country.

Please note:

Eet smakkelijk! Bon appetit! Buen provecho!

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