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Couple Challenges While Living in Lockdown or Home Office

Connect International Event in Groningen

Date: Thursday 12 November 2020 at 17:30 hrs

Location: Online

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Living under confinement is a new experience that brings challenges to each one, whether you live alone, as a couple or with your family. In the case of couples (with or without children) this situation has put us in front of a new reality at home in terms of coexistence.  Many have been affected by having to spend more time together compared to what they were used to before.

How to negotiate now the spaces and moments for each one? How to balance time between work, home routines, time for yourself and time for your partner? How to oxygenate the relationship and ourselves under the pressure of living a 'more restricted' life? How to handle at home the new emotions and feelings that emerge, like fatigue, frustration, fear, anxiety, overloading, impatience? How do we face new discoveries that are not always pleasant? What positive aspects can we take advantage of and appreciate from this situation? These or some others questions that you may have can be discussed in this webinar.

Our special guest is the Psychologist Marcela Lombana Holierhoek (Colombian-Dutch), individual and couple therapist and creator of Biobanlance. BA in Psychology, emphasis in Systemic Clinical Psychology. MSc with distinction in Systemic Leadership and Organizational Studies, Bedfordshire University-KCC Foundation. Certified Pranic Psychotherapist and Associate Pranic Healing, Institute of Inner Studies Philippines. She has experience in developing therapeutic processes with indivituals and couples (most of them bi-cultural), experience in working with groups, such as the whole members of the family, organizations or by facilitating workshops. More info in:

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