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Be Extraordinary NOW!

Connect International Event in Groningen

Date: Friday 29 November 2019 at 13:00 hrs

Location: IWCN (Gedempte Zuiderdiep 98, Groningen)

Members Price: Free!

Non-Members Price: Free!


Buitengewoonzijn.Nu (Be Extraordinary NOW!) is a non-profit organization that provides a 10-week training in various towns and cities throughout the Netherlands. It is a platform that offers inspired people a place to come together, to train, to network and to turn their inspiration and initiatives into action and results.

The idea is for a group of people to design an activity or project to be implemented with another group of people that will contribute to lives in a positive way. By taking part in the training not only can we help you with your personal development, but it also helps to develop and implement your project together.

Almost 100 projects are implemented through this training on an annual basis! For example a new, shared village garden, singing with children in a nursing home, a pampering afternoon for mothers, a compliments day at work or a dinner with the neighbors in your street. The ideas are endless!

For members of Connect International, we have developed an English version of the training and would like to offer 12 – 15 Connect members the opportunity to join.

The plan is to meet 8 times over a period of 3 months as one group and, with support from the training, implement a project together.

Costs: The costs may vary according to the participant’s income, with a minimum cost of €90 per person for the whole training. Included are 8 x 2,5-hour training sessions, a regular telephone conversation with your project coach, free coffee/tea and some written material to help support the planning and implementation of your project.

A free Introduction "Be Extraordinary NOW!" will be given at the Connect Office (IWCN) on Friday 29 November from 13:00-14:30. If you wish to sign up for the training please do so via the Connect website.



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