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Adapting to a New Life in a New Country

Connect International Event in Groningen

Date: Tuesday 6 October 2020 at 17:30 hrs

Location: Online

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Non-Members Price: €5,00


Moving to another country is an experience that takes us out of our comfort zone, when many aspects of our lives demand great mental, emotional and even physical attention. Sometimes, it is not so easy to find the space in which we can 'digest' our emotions and share our feelings regarding these new situations.

In these sessions, we will gather for 1 hour (each online session) to create that space in which we can speak, vent, digest, and be together. Hopefully, you will find support from a network that understands what you are going through and accompanies you through this experience in a friendly way. Every session will include discussing some ‘developmental tools’ that could be useful for you and can support us on this journey. You can attend each one separately.

Tuesday 22 Sept: The processes of change, based on U theory. We will explore which stage of this transformation path we are in.

Tuesday 29 Sept: Stages of the mourning process of having left our homeland or 'previous life'. How to ‘close’ past experiences.

Tuesday 6 Sept: Priority of levels of survival, based on Maslow’s Pyramid of needs. How to deal with emotions like frustration, impatience, solitude, vulnerability, low self-esteem, in this adapting process.

Tuesday 20 Oct: The need of being ‘part of’. Building new networks. Standing in the present. Being yourself.

Tuesday 27 Oct: Being aware of our own progress. What are our capabilities and strengths for building a new life. Visualize and create the present and future we want.

*According to the need of participants, we can create new sessions or new topics.

Facilitator: My name is Erika, an international in the Netherlands, who, like you, have gone through the process of migrating to a new country, and had the dream of creating this option for other internationals to share the tools that have been useful for me, and the space that I missed when I arrived.  As a professional in Communication with subsequent training in Transpersonal Psychology, Jungian Psychology and Integral Coaching, I am passionate about activities that support the growth of consciousness and human development that makes people’s lives happier (including mine). I also voluntarily facilitate the Meditation sessions at Connect International. These sessions will stop during this workshop but some elements will still be included in a few exercises. 

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