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6 Weeks Ascension Workshop

Connect International Event

Date: Thursday 21 May 2020 at 20:00 hrs

Location: ONLINE

Members Price: €35,00

Non-Members Price: €50,00


THIS IS A WORKSHOP OF 6 ONLINE SESSIONS Starting on 21 May, following dates are 28 May, 4 June, 11 June, 18 June and 25 Junewith Ascension day (Hemelvaart) and Pentecost (Pinksteren) symbolically included in this timeframe. Every Thursday evening from 20.00 to 21.00 hours.

This workshop is created by one of our members Harma Margrieta. It's inspired by the current situation going on in the world: the corona crisis, lock-down and stand-still. It's something that has never happened before and no one knows what the world will look like once we come out of this situation and what the consequences will be. On a world scale, a national level and how does it affect our personal situation? Like any crisis, any changing situation, it also offers new opportunities. A crucial element in any transition is a solid foundation inside yourself, a firm self-connection. That is what this workshop focusses on. In a mixture of spiritual, practical and ritual Harma Margrieta will guide you through a step by step process to create your Personal Creative Business Activation:

Personal: a focus on you, what is going on inside you.

Creative: a multi-layered language in a mixture of body, mind, senses, silence, movement, coming together in "art" to ground and express yourself. Don't let the word “art” scare you, no specific art experience or skills are required. 

Business: the inner-outer connection that brings your talents, skills, wisdom, gifts etc into the world, a job, a study, a business etc, can be an existing one or one you wish to set up.

Activation: setting something new in motion.

Lay out of the land

Now. The workshop starts with an exploration of the now, rooting into your ground zero.

New.  This is an exploration of the uncharted areas of new land. The world of possibilities, opportunities, dreams, desires and potential to vibrantly elevate into.

How. Bringing the now and new together discovering how to do it, finding your unique way.

Wow. The final part to complete the full journey with an activation ritual to set the new into motion.


This is a complete 6 weeks workshop. So you sign up once for the full journey.

Weekly meetings online in the “Zoom-Room” on  The online meetings will be recorded so in case you miss one, you can catch up later. Besides these meetings, a weekly video will guide you through a step by step creative process. 

Through the week you can also connect and share experiences in a private FB group created for this workshop. (this is optional and not required to join the course).

Finally a complimentary one on one session after completion of the workshops will help to integrate the experiences of this journey.

More information and details you will receive after you have signed up for this workshop. 
If this speaks to you are invited to sign up and join this workshop. 

Sign up by Wednesday 20 May.

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