Winter Struggles, by Aline Eclair Duarte

One of my biggest difficulties in adapting to the Netherlands was, of course, the weather. I arrived here at the end of December, having come from a tropical country that was in the middle of its summer, and where we have only a small variation in the length of daylight between the seasons of the year.

My body felt this blow really hard, and I felt down and tired, until I made a sincere friendship with vitamin D supplements. Gradually I started feeling better and started to adapt, but running outdoors was still a big mental challenge with the temperatures that we experience here. It was a huge fight with myself, which I only managed to win in the spring.

In my second winter, since my body had the opportunity to adapt slowly to the change of the seasons, I already had the luxury of being able to run with temperatures of -1 °C in the middle of winter, without spending an hour fighting my reluctance before finally leaving the house.

I realize much more now how our body is integrated with nature’s cycles and everything that surrounds us. I understand how important it is to give our body time to adapt to the movements of life.

So here I leave my private recipe for a (cold) Dutch winter:

  • For sunny days, sit and absorb the sunshine, even if it is only through your window.
  • For gray days and cold runs, check BuienRadar, use thermal clothes and good ear protection.
  • For every day, allow yourself time and patience; everything gets settled when you are in the right place. There is beauty and learning even in adversity.

Author: Aline Eclair Duarte, specialized in digital marketing and content creation

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