A new app has recently become extremely popular across the Netherlands, ‘Ommetje’. A Dutch professor of neuropsychology, Erik Scherder, has devised the app, that hopes to get more people walking each day by adding some competition to the mix.

People in the North are downloading the app in their droves; whilst it is also the top app in the Dutch Apple app store in the ‘health & fitness’ category. Professor Scherder, affiliated with the VU University in Amsterdam, but also occasionally works for the RUG, came up with the app before the corona epidemic.

According to RTL Nieuws, 824,000 people in the Netherlands now use the app. One of the reasons for its success may also be the fact that the element of competition counts towards earning points: walkers ‘compete’ against their friends, family members or colleagues.

Connect International has hopped on the trend too, and anyone can join our walking group. Simply download the app, enter your details and contact the office for our teams code.

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