Experience the life of Van Gogh in Drenthe

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) is one of the most famous Dutch painters, and his works are studied and admired around the world. He’s normally associated with the south of the Netherlands, but an important period of his life was spent right here in the North, in Drenthe!

Thanks to research from the Drents Museum, Drents Archive, and Het Drentse Landschap (a heritage organisation), we now know more about where Van Gogh spent his time in the Netherlands’ most scenic province. His time in Drenthe took place in 1883, and resulted in five paintings, around fifteen drawings, and a series of letters. You can see some of them at the Drents Museum (which recently bought one of the paintings to great acclaim).

The researchers found fifteen places in Drenthe, ranging from the house he stayed in in Nieuw-Amsterdam (now an historic monument, open to the public), to the historic city centre of Hoogeveen, and the pretty villages of Zweeloo and Pesse.

Thinking of Drenthe, Connect International’s excursion to the beautiful Emmerdennen in Drenthe might provide you with some artistic inspiration of your own! Sign-up is here.

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