I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

It’s going to be hot, hot, hot this weekend in the Northern Netherlands, and whilst we advise that you check local news before heading to the beach or your local beauty spot (and remember to keep 1.5-metres apart when you get there), you can get that summer feeling anywhere in the North with a good scoop or two of ice-cream!

Not all Ijssalons are created equal, though, so read on for our favourite wacky, wonderful, and artisanal places to get ice cream in the North!


Toscana IJsmakkerij

Kapitein Nemostraat 1J, 7821AB Emmen

It’s fair to say that when you want ice-cream in Drenthe, you’re likely to go to one of the Toscana outlets across the Province (there’s nearly 20). The biggest is in Emmen, and has a pleasingly retro vibe and more than 70 flavours!


Dommersweg 4, 7833KP Nieuwe Amsterdam

You know you make good ice-cream when people hop over the border from Germany to sample it! Rik and Karin Jansen have run the salon since 1989, and make all the ice cream fresh each day. They even have a classic ice-cream wagon that tours around Drenthe!


De IJsfabriek

Midstraat 11, 8501AC Joure

Experimental ice creams are the order of the day at De IJsfabriek, where the flavours change regularly to suit the season. With nearly 40% fruit in most recipes, you could almost think of it as healthy- but luckily the shop also sells enormous amounts of hand-made chocolate and bonbons to make up for it!

La Venezia

Nieuweburen 137, 8911EZ Leeuwarden

Basically legendary in the Frisian capital city, La Venezia has been churning since 1934, to the recipes of Antonio Talamini (who even received an award from the Italian state for promoting gelato overseas). Over the course of the year La Venezia goes through 125 flavours, and perhaps unsurprisingly also makes a pretty good cup of coffee!


IJssalon Talamini

Grote Markt 46, 9711LX Groningen

Certainly the first ice cream salon in Groningen, Talamini has become a bit of a mainstay in Groningen. With an outlet on the central Grote Markt, it’s a wonderful place to people watch whilst enjoying one of the traditional flavours. There’s even a large range of dairy-free (and vegan) ice creams. Our suggestion is the pure chocolate!

Paviljoen de Bloemert

De Bloemert 1, 9483TA Midlaren

Ok, so this is slightly cheating because, 1) ice cream always tastes better on a beach, and 2) the pavilion also serves full meals. But, if you’re around the beautiful Zuidlardermeer you can’t miss a ball of fresh ice cream at De Bloemert whilst watching the waves of the meer.

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