Things to Do During Your Holidays in The Netherlands

Many of us probably will stay in The Netherlands for 2020s’ summer holiday. We suggest to use this opportunity and explore one of the most beautiful country in the world – The Netherlands.

Rachel’s Ruminations is a travel blog of Rachel Heller, a writer, blogger and teacher-trainer living in Groningen, emphasizing independent travel to historical and cultural sights/sites all around the globe. Most articles focus on one place or experience at a time, offering an honest personal perspective as well as useful information.

On her blog she has a section where you can find more than 50 articles about places in The Netherlands for visiting.

Two recent articles she published highlight fun and/or unusual things to do in the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe.

40 things to do in Groningen province

29 things to do in Drenthe province

Visit her website for full details, hopefully it will inspire you!

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