FietsFriend – “Rules of the Road” workshop

Aside from being one of the most energy-efficient forms of transport, cycling is a wonderful way to keep fit and is an incredibly cheap way to travel locally. Luckily, too, within most cities in the Netherlands, it is the quickest way around the city centre. In Groningen, for example, two-thirds of all journeys taken are by bike, and in the 1970’s the city decided to re-design the city centre in favor of bikes rather than cars.

And, since the first few rays of sun fell upon the North this past weekend, there’s no better time to get back into the saddle! But, biking in other countries can be a remarkably different experience – as anyone who has cycled in mega-cities such as London, Kuala Lumpur, or New York can attest.

To newcomers, the giant, unchoreographed ballet of a Dutch four-way intersection can seem really quite daunting. Luckily, City Central’s ‘FietsFriend‘ initiative will hold its first “Rules of the Road” workshop of the year on Sunday 15 March in the city of Groningen.

The FietsFriend workshop includes biking around the city for 2 hours or so with two long-time resident cyclists, who will inform you about rights of way and show you various road signs. The FietsFriend experts will also show you some of the more difficult road layouts, including the notoriously confusing traffic light-controlled intersections, which can be tricky (and dangerous) for new cyclists.

The workshops are free, and run throughout the Spring and Summer months, so there is no excuse not to hop on your bike and cycle like the Dutch do!

Registration is required, however, so please to sign up at the following EventBrite link:

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