Coronavirus Measures and Connect International

These are strange times for us all, but especially, perhaps, for those who are new residents in the Northern Netherlands. In this time of face-to-face social distancing, new residents may feel particularly disconnected as they may be far from their home countries and not yet rooted in the Netherlands society and culture. Even long-term residents may find the adjustment to living smaller and more contained a challenge.

During this time of uncertainty, as we all navigate the evolving world-wide health situation, it is especially important to reach out to one another, albeit via virtual means, to remind ourselves of our common humanity and to strengthen the threads that bind us all together.

Although our Connect International office is temporarily closed and our usual events postponed, our Connect Team has been hard at work to find or create interesting online activities to occupy your time and to recommend various outdoor areas to visit when the walls start to close in.

We are still reachable by email ( or should you have any questions or are looking for information, so please continue to reach out.

We wish everyone good health in the coming weeks!

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