IWCN Welcome Guide 2019-2020

We are happy to announce that the newest Welcome Guide (2019-2020) by the International Welcome Center North is ready to download or to pick up at the IWCN office! The IWCN Welcome Guide includes crucial up-to-date information on all the topics relevant for internationals living in (or planning to move to) the Northern Netherlands.

From the official matters and formalities (residence/work permit, BSN number, 30% tax ruling, etc.) to the housing and settling in (renting & buying, setting up utilities, etc.); from child matters (child benefit, child care, etc.) to education (local international schools, the school rules, etc.); from banking to insurance; from health matters to the employment possibilities; from religion to leisure, – the IWCN Welcome Guide has all the information to get you started on feeling at home in the Northern Netherlands.

Equipped with 101 vocabulary lists and atmospheric photos of the local sights and realities, the IWCN Welcome Guide is meant to be your kind of a coffee-table book during the period when you are getting adjusted and learning about the Dutch culture and the way things happen around here.

And when you need clarification on a certain topic or have a question requiring an elaborate answer, you can always reach out to us by visiting our office (Mondays through Fridays, 10:00-17:00 at Gedempte Zuiderdiep 98, Groningen), making a call (+31 (0)50 367 71 97) or sending an e-mail via

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