Don’t text and cycle!

From 1 July 2019 it will be illegal in the Netherlands to hold your mobile phone in your hand while cycling, so be warned!

Calling, texting, WhatsApp, navigation, playing Pokémon Go, listening to music or just holding your phone in your hand to check the time will land you a €90 fine.

If you use your phone a lot while on your bike it may be worth purchasing a phone holder that fits on your bike’s handlebars or person so that you can continue to use your phone after the law change.

The Netherlands being what they are, you have lots of options when it comes to gadgets for your bike.

Discount stores such as Action, Big Bazaar, soLow, etc. stock a number of very affordable solutions, for mobile phone and tablets. While they cost less than €5, I personally have tried them for my tablet while playing Pokémon Go and can say for heavy use they do not last for more than a couple of months.

Media Markt has a couple of options in the €10-€20 price range, but only for mobile telephones. View options online.

Cool Blue has a number of official brand phone holders, they run in at €50 plus, but may be a good option if you use your mobile on your phone a lot and want a quality holder. View options online. is a marketplace where you can find phone holders from various stores in a wide price range. View options online.

ANWB also sell phone holders, and if you are a member you can use their discount vouchers to save some money off the price. View options online.

Halfords has a few different styles of phone holders that will fit most phones and bikes. They also have a waterproof option. View options online.

Some bicycle shops also stock bike accessories, and often will fit them to your bike free of charge.

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