Love is in the air!

Commercials and store windows all over the place push us to buy chocolates, flowers, teddy bears and all kinds of merchandise with hearts printed on it. But is this really the way to express true love? And is romantic love the only one that deserves to be celebrated? How about loving your family and friends? How about self-love? Here are some ideas that we believe say “I love you” louder than a million heart-shaped chocolates with a teddy bear inside.

To express love for your family & friends…

– Tell them why you are proud of them. People often tend to overlook their own brilliance and they don’t know its immensity, but you can see it, and you can illuminate it for them.

– Give them your time. Most of us seem to be too busy with work and daily routine, but once in a while it’s good to pause and evaluate our priorities. Quality time with important people in our life is definitely something we will remember and value for years to come.

– Let them know you think of them, especially when they live far away. Send a hand-written letter, or a beautifully wrapped gift that would be delivered to their door. Make a selection of your favorite photos and order them to be printed and delivered to their adress. Plan your next meeting, be it in your place, or in theirs, or anywhere in the between. Work your plan out in details and make it happen!

To express love for your partner…

– Spend some time with only two of you. Take a break from work, arrange a sitter for the kids and/or pets, lock your phones and tablets away. Look at each other, show affection, talk about things that matter, flirt, express your feelings.

– Experience new things together. Couples who do something together that they have never done before are said to get closer in the process, because those new experiences make our bodies release the oxytocin, also known as “the cuddle hormone”. And as a bonus, you will have new energy to share and new stories to tell together.

– Keep each other healty. All of us want to feel good and to stay healthy, but making the right choices is not always easy and we often need a push to take an action or a kind reminder to not do something we are going to regret later. So, why not to become “partners in crime” with your life partner and motivate each other, so you can enjoy each other’s company in a good health for as long as possible? 

To express love for yourself…

– Follow your passion. Do you have a dream and/or a hobby you keep on postponing taking action on? Maybe, it’s finally time to start doing what you really going to enjoy! It might take courage, it might be challenging, you might need to make adjustments in your life… But only if you go for it, you will know for sure you did everything in your powers to make your dreams come true! 

– Take time for yourself. If you are too busy to find time for yourself, make time, literally! Book some me-time in your agenda, and respect this appointment like you do with all other appointments and dates. Don’t get distracted for work or chores, don’t check your e-mail and don’t pick up your phone. Only do what makes you feel good. Also if that’s doing absolutely nothing. 

– Fall in love with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. Allow yourself some guilty pleausures. Love and nourish your body. Accept yourself they way you are, like you accept others in you life who you love. 

To express love for the world…

– Do something kind every day. Explore the Random Acts of Kindness platform and get inspired! 

– Give genuine compliments. You never know what impact it can make in someone’s life.

– Donate. Donate to the good causes you find important and believe in. And it doesn’t always have to be about money. You can also donate your time, your knowledge and your resorces. Be creative and be passionate!

With love, 

Connect International & the IWCN team

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