Stichting Connect International turns 20 years old!

Connect International’s journey began on 10 November 1998 as a merger between two other foundations, the International Club Noord Nederland (IntCNN) and Stichting Connect. The IntCNN, a social club for international managers, was founded in 1995 by five different companies in order to provide better services to the international community in the Northern Netherlands. Stichting Connect, founded in 1996, began as the brain child of a ‘trailing spouse’ who had found a lack of practical information in English about the Northern Netherlands upon her arrival and set up Connect to rectify the situation. After two years of working side by side, the two organizations merged to become Connect International.

Today, as many of you know from own experience, Connect International provides practical information and offers personal advice to familiarize international residents with all aspects of living, working and studying in the Northern Netherlands; organizes events and activities to facilitate making further connections; and offers intercultural trainings to the northern-based companies and their international staff. We are really proud of how much the foundation has grown and how much it has achieved in these 20 years!

Connect International is defined and supported by its committed and knowledgeable international staff and generous volunteers from all over the globe, a Board of Directors and an Honorary Board. To get to know our team a little better, read some of our personal stories here, and come meet (some of) us in person next Friday, 9 November, at Buckshot (upstairs) at Gedempte Zuiderdiep 58 in Groningen! Between 18:00 and 21:00 we will be happy to welcome you with drinks and snacks and share with you some insights about Connect’s past, present and future!

Looking forward to seeing you there and celebrating this milestone together with you!

Connect International Team


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