10 Amazing Dutch Foods to Enjoy This Christmas

Christmas, the time of giving, receiving and indulging! Every country has their own best Christmas foods that are enjoyed at this time of year and here are 10 amazing Dutch Christmas food suggestions (in no particular order) for you to try this year.


A traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, sugar and brandy, similar to eggnog.


The Dutch version of mulled wine. You can easily make your own, and also make a non-alcoholic version using grape juice instead of red wine.


Stamppot comes in many varieties depending on what vegetable you add to the mashed potatoes. Often served with smoked sausage (rookworst) and/or bacon (spekjes). My favourite is the andijviestamppot my mother-in-law makes, served with sausages.


Pea soup made using traditional Dutch recipes is the best, served with some smoked bacon pieces scattered on top and crusty bread. We shared a great recipe for making traditional pea soup on Connections back in 2015.


No really a food, but more a way of cooking. Dutch often go gourmetten around holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s, Easter etc. It is a fun and easy way to feed a large group without being stuck in the kitchen for hours as everyone cooks their own food.


An oval shaped sweet Christmas bread containing dried fruits, possibly nuts, and a center of almond paste (amandelspijs).


A pastry roll filled with almond paste (amandelspijs) that is shaped into a log or letter. You can get them as supermarkets, but the best ones are found at bakers.


The Dutch love to shape marzipan into fruit, animals, letters, mini piggy banks, and lots more. I find the giant moulded pig with an apple in its mouth amusing, especially as you often buy a slice out of its tummy.


Ginger bread / cinnamon spiced biscuits. The word is often also used to refer to the taste, so you will find speculaas flavoured tea, sandwich speculaas spread, speculaas hagelslag, ice cream etc.

Kruidnoten and Pepernoten

These are not the same thing, although the names do sometimes get mixed up. Kruidnoten are little round, hard, crunchy cookies similar to ginger nuts and are often coated in milk, dark or white chocolate. While pepernoten are soft chewy little blocks of cookie similar to gingerbread.