Day at the Zoo

Visiting the zoo, or animal parks, is something me and my family really enjoy. We go usually once a month to one of the many small animal parks in the Netherlands, where entry for a family is usually around €20-€30.

But once a year, during the summer holidays, we plan in a visit to one of the larger animal parks or zoos. With high entry prices, parking fees, a day out with the family can quickly peak the €100 mark and more. So we make a big day of it, get there early, bring a picnic with us and stay for most of the day, with rest breaks planned in so our daughter won’t have a meltdown.

Here is a map of some of our favourite animal parks to visit and ones we have heard about. We have split the parks up into different price classes. The price class is based on the cost for 2 adult tickets and 2 children tickets (or a family ticket), prices taken summer 2017.

It is always good to note that some animal parks also charge extra for parking, usually around €5-€15 for a day. If you are thinking about visiting, check online as many places offer a discount when you purchase your tickets online, and sometimes there are deals to be had, through places like ANWB, Jumbo and AH spaaracties etc.

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