Feeling a little blue? Here are some tips!

Did you know that Monday this week (16 January) was supposedly the most depressing day of the year? Blue Monday is said to be a combination of weather, financial problems, a return to work after the Christmas break, low motivation and abandoned New Year resolutions. Add to this list typical expat issues (which might feel more dominant than usual during these cold and dark days): the culture shock, the language barrier, feeling homesick and experiencing the lack of personal or professional network – and even the most positive people can start feeling a little blue.

Many experts claim the “science” behind the Blue Monday to be total nonsense, but if you’ve been feeling down this week, we have prepared some special tips for you! If you really miss the summer vibes (and the temperatures), the Aqua Disco might be the right thing to do this week. If you need to shake up your routine weekend (upcoming one or any in 2017), maybe it’s time to do something that is completely out of your comfort zone, like a parachute jump (in a tandem with a professional, of course). And if you need a total reboot, consider undergoing the Shamanic Death ritual (yes, such events are being organized even in Drenthe)! Whether it will change your life or not, you will definitely have a great story to tell at any party. Or, maybe, spoil your inner child a little bit by making your own stickers or running away from “real” zombies.

But if all those tips are really not your cup of tea, but you would still like to do something different, to meet new people and to contribute to the (expat) community in the Northern Netherlands, consider becoming a volunteer (check our blog about it here). Or simply join us TODAY at 16:00 at the Connect International office for some tea/coffee with brownies. Oh, almost forgot: besides enjoying the brownies, you will learn everything about volunteering possibilities at Connect and we will brainstorm on the new events, interest clubs and creative activities we can organize all together in 2017!

Enjoy your weekend!

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