Dual-Career Workshop Series Offered by RUG

So, here you are in Groningen, facing many new challenges. You are busy settling into a new city and setting up a household, perhaps learning Dutch and building new social and professional networks. Perhaps you have already thought about the next step in your professional life, or about starting voluntary work. Or maybe you’ve applied for a job but have not yet received the good news you’re hoping for. You might have found that job hunting is not easy and that Dutch language proficiency requirements make it even more difficult.

Dual-Career Support from the University of Groningen is offering a series of five workshops to help you with searching for a new job, voluntary work or a meaningful purpose in life which matches your wishes and talents. These three-hour workshops focus on learning by doing, and involve the application of knowledge and skills based on career-support theories. We will help you out with tips, tricks and knowledge regarding Dutch culture, particularly Dutch business culture. The workshops are designed for newcomers to the Dutch or regional labour market, whether they are in Groningen temporarily or permanently. The workshops are in English.

What is the specific content of these workshops?

In today’s labour market, it is increasingly important for professionals to work continually on their personal development. Being able to reflect on your own skills and talents and a good grasp of soft skills, such as adapting to business culture in the Netherlands or elsewhere, are prerequisites for a successful career. There are three questions you need to be able to answer before you can successfully apply for a job: Who am I? What am I capable of? What do I want?

The first three workshops in our series will focus on empowering you to find your personal and professional place in your new environment. You will learn how to use your specific experience, talents and skills and translate them into added value in your new context. Only then will you be able to define a feasible new goal and take your next step. In the final two workshops, you will learn how to present yourself in this labour market and how to apply for a job, and you will learn the necessary skills to successfully get where you want to go.

Workshop dates

29 September, Annette Rauh – Starting a Meaningful Life Abroad
11 October, Annette Rauh – Looking into the Mirror
27 October, Fransis Bosch – New Perspectives on My Way into the Labour Market
10 November, Fransis Bosch – Do’s and Don’ts of Applying for a Job
29 November, Annette Rauh – Networking Works!
For more information about each workshop visit http://goo.gl/wVNhAE

What are the learning goals?

After completing our series of workshops you will have gained:

  • knowledge about yourself as a person and as a professional in a new cultural environment
  • knowledge about how to make new career choices and how to present yourself, and the skills to do so
  • a basic set of skills and techniques to successfully conquer the Dutch labour market.

In some cases, further individual career support might be advisable and/or necessary.


For non-University people, the cost for the series of five workshops is 250 euros. Preference will be given to the partners of RUG staff if there are not enough spaces open.


Please register by sending an email to: dualcareer@rug.nl

The instructors

Annette Rauh originally hails from Germany and has been living and working in the Netherlands since 1997. She uses her own experiences as an expat in Brazil and West Africa, and her 17 years of work in higher education in the Netherlands, to support expats in finding a professional future. Annette works closely with International Welcome Center North. As a career coach and expert in Dutch business culture and managing diversity, it is her ambition and desire to help talented expats find success in the Dutch labour market.

Fransis Bosch is the owner of the Talent and Career Center, where she also works as a talent coach and trainer. Her creativity, energy and ability to see people’s potential talent allow her to inspire expats to find and be successful in their dream job. Fransis has been a career coach since 1991, and the recurring theme in her work is a positive human vision. Taking inspiration from the Talent & Career Center’s slogan and mission statement ‘Return on your talent’, and from the motto ‘Give me a job that suits me and I will never have to work again’, Fransis does everything she can to ensure that as many of her highly educated clients as possible find jobs that perfectly match their talent and qualities.

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