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I don’t know about you, but I love a good bargain. Each week I check the supermarket action leaflets for what is on offer and stock up on any good deals. But I do have shopping envy for the coupon culture in the USA and UK. One of my favourite day time tv shows is Extreme Couponing on TLC, I watch it and dream of the day I could get anywhere close to 80% discount on my shopping basket.

Here in the Netherlands, on the rare occasion you actually find a money off coupon for a product, printed at the bottom will be some sort of clause limiting it from being used in conjunction with any other special offer. And while supermarkets and druggist do run some good offers, it is rare for you to ever get more than 50% discount on a product.

But there are now two money back platforms for the Netherlands, Scoupy and Korting Is Leuk. Both platforms work in a similar manner. You can make an account via their website or download their App. Both sites are in Dutch, but once you know your way around them, claiming your money back is very easy.

You want to start by visiting their website or App to see what current offers they are running. Offers change usually on a monthly bases, but it is good to check before you go shopping as some offers are limited to a maximum number of redemption, after which you can no longer claim back for your purchase. It is also handy to note down the name of the product on offer and the size of pack to be sure you are buying the right product. If you have the mobile app, you can also scan the product in store to be double sure.

Once you have bought the product, you need to keep your receipt. When you get home you simply scan the barcode of the product, take a picture of your receipt and upload the information via the website or App. Once submitted, you get a payment back to your bank account (usually within 7 days) for either the full purchase price, or the value of the money back offer.

One of the nice things about these platforms is that their offers are valid is most big name supermarkets like AH, Jumbo, Plus, Coop etc. so you can buy the offer products along with your weekly food shop. So give it a try and grab some bargins!

More info can be found about each platform on their own website.
Scoupy –
Korting is leuk –
Or download their app via the google play store or apple store.

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