Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands

Nijmegen is an ancient city with over 2000 years of history, making it the oldest city in the Netherlands. The history shows in the beautiful historic buildings, museums and parks. Mixed into the ancient buildings are more modern buildings and architecture, built after the city was mistakenly bombed during World War II.

Lange Hezelstraat is the oldest shopping street in Nijmegen. It is made up of historic shop facades housing a range of speciality stores, boutiques and brocante stores. Following along the street you will come to the Grote Markt, a great place to pause and enjoy a cup of coffee and snack at one of the many bars, cafés or restaurants.

A good place for coffee is Bairro Alto. If you visit during the summer (or during warm weather) you can enjoy your refreshments picnic style on the grassy fields in front of the building.

As mentioned, Nijmegen has over 2000 years of history, having been one of the first and largest Roman city in the Netherlands and receiving its cities rights in the year 100 by Emperor Trajan. Valkhof Museum has a permanent exhibition portraying the life of soldiers and civilians during the Roman era.

For something more modern you could visit the Stadsbrouwerij De Hemel, located in the cellars of the Commanderie from Saint Jan’s. Inside the brewery is also a museum where you can discover more about the history of the brewery, brewing and distilling.

If you prefer to escape the hustle and bustle of the city then head towards the Ooijpolder. During the summer you can enjoy hiking in the floodplains or sunbathing on the beaches of the Waal. Or go a little further and enjoy the forests around Groesbeek, for either a stroll or the flora and fanna.

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